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Sponsor & Benefit from Supporting CMN

When you Sponsor an Event, Oppurtunity, Model, Assignment, Plan and/or other, CMN gives you Sponsor Benefits.

Generate Sponsor & Residual income. Support & Make More!

Market, Advertise, Promote, Distribute and/or generate Sales with Club Campusland right here on the site, partnering site(s) and/or in he CampusLand magazine. Make Money distributing CampusLand Cuties Magazine and/or other product(s) and/or generate income from service sales leads utilizing simple affiliate marketing campaigns. Also, advertise your Brand, product and/or service right here on Club CampusLand and/or other affiliate sites. Promote your product(s) with Club CampusLand and/or create simple ongoing Promotion(s) and/or Marketing Campaigns. Contact 'US' Today at (800) 273-0580 Ext. 809 for additional information. Ask for +AJ 


Assistance Programs

Make more when you Sponsor a Model, Vendor Table, Opportunity, Etc. When Sponsoring an Opportunity, Model, Partner Position, Etc. ... You make money on initial returns and/or residual income %'s with a minimum Sponsorship. If you 'NEED' Help with initial currency consideration, select programs give you the Money with a few simple steps. Check it out & Click Apply.
*In various Cities, search Google for General Relief in your area
*Delivery (Doordash, Amazon, Etc.), Uber, Lyft & More
$100.00+ a Day Ongoing


More Info
*One Time Fee for all event(s)
$ 99.00
$500.00 (Ask How To Save)
*Discount Code Available Upon Request(s)
Any Amount
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