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                                                                                             I 'NEED' Friends                                   


It is highly recommended you add friends from the community around you. At School, Work, The library, Jamba Juice and/or other restaurants, Mingle & Network Events, Etc.

'NEED' Friends? CLICK HERE (or Click The 'Add Friends' icon at the Top. Click the Chat/Message Box (Lower Right Hand Corner) CMN Smiley Face to Send Support a Message 'I 'NEED' Friends' & your ID#. The official request will begin. Club CampusLand will take a look at Participating Friends enrolling & send a few your Way. Each Week you can make 'ONE' request & the friends will filter in within the 7 days following your request.

You can receive assistance up to 5,000 friends then your on your own. From 0-5,000 friends, Club CampusLand will locate 'NEW' participating members (based on availability) you can select, choose & add. Participating friends are eligible for monthly payment. Sign Up First!

Add existing friends and/or meet 'NEW' people after you Join & if you 'NEED' Help ... Contact a Friend Finder professional from Customer Care with referrals from the friend pool. Right there in the Chat Window and/or email your ID# to with subject: 'I 'NEED' Friends' & we'll start the Sponsored Placement process for you. This means Club CampusLand will  help Add Friends to your expanding network. Learn More ...


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