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$1Per Friend
Participating Friends
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Make Money as you add friends. Details coming real soon so ... Position yourself with a friend profile and become wealthy with ClubCampusLand simply by adding participating friends. 


Select the '$0' Plan for site navigation & Sign Up  for the Make Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) Program. You will receive a Partner Payment ID# that will pay you each month based on the number friends you have. For Example: You receive $1.00 each friend each month that you have added. For every 1,000 friends, you'll have an extra $1,000.00 each month. When you have 20,000 friends, you'll receive an extra $20,000.00 each month. Maintain Your Membership & Get Paid!

I'm really looking forward to the Global marketing campaign bringing more than 100K-10M+ 'NEW' friends to the site that will friend share into participating Members community. This means as the company begins adding friends, Participating friends will receive sponsored friends from the company (during the initial program marketing campaign). This means as you add friends, the company friend pool will also place friends to those whom request friend add assistance from Club CampusLand.

Attend ongoing incredible friend private parties & mingle at Conferences with informative Vendor Booths, In-services & briefings focused on 'How You Get Paid' & leave each event wealthier as increased friends are added to your network each day. Work from Home and/or Office watching your friends network & income increase in number. We have something for every'ONE' and/or Every 'Body'. The extravert & introvert in 'you' is paid! Those who like mingling & those whom 'LOVE' staying at home. As a Making Money Adding Friends Plan friend, see you Wealthy. Within a Month, how many participating friends can you Add?. Watch your friends increase as ClubCampusLand also sends participating friends from City, Nationwide & Global Marketing Campaigns to your account. Do it yourself or ... for Those who 'NEED' Help, Just look for the 'I 'NEED' friends link so a qualified Club CampusLand 'Friends' Representative can place a friend request & work with you expanding your network. It's that easy connecting to people just like you Ready to make money. After your request, withing 72 hours, Club CampusLand will recommend sponsored friends you can 'Add' & Get Paid on from the Friend Pool. Your 'PAID' again & again on an ongoing Basis. Every Month. forever. Once you have exceeded 20 Friends, the card you originally used to Sign Up with is no longer billed the $19.99 monthly Fee paid from your Monthly Residual.


Don't sit around wondering how you'll make money. Don't stress on how the Bills will get paid. Don't ask how you'll eat and/or get it done. Become a Making Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) Club CampusLand Friend & Watch how the magic associated with Making Money being friendly works for you. The whole World is a CampusLand. Millions & Billions who have graced a Campus and/or been a student on Campus(es) across the Globe. Current Students 'LOVE'ing educational Campuses. PAID for Sure! Every Month Forever.

$19.99 to Sign Up or Email   For a 'FREEBeta Membership

Once a CampusLand Friend. Always A CampusLand Friend. JOIN Today. Join Right Now!

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