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MAKING MONEY ADDING FRIENDS PLAN   |   Enrolling   |   Identification (ID#’s)   |    Sponsoring Friend(s)

$1Per Friend
Participating Friends
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Identification Numbers (ID#'S) & Sponsored Participant(s)

MMAFP ID# (Sponsored Members): When placing friends, friends whom are sponsored will receive a Sponsored ID# Paying $.50c per friend placed in their network by their master sponsor. Any 'ONE' person is placed once (subject to identification verification). No matter how many friend profile(s) any 'ONE' given friend is linked with the master account that initially connected, Enrolled and/or Sponsored said account is the account that receives and/or allocates the Monthly sponsored income. As the network expands, no 'ONE' friend is without income. Any given friend is either provided sponsored friends from a placed sponsor and/or the company (during initial Global Expansion). Any friends you add personally are for social purposes only (until they are either sponsored by you and/or Enroll into the Making Money Adding Friends Program (MMAFP). Ensure all friends participate as soon as possible so they can benefit from Sponsor and/or organization friend placement. When a friend has been placed in your friends list, your sponsor receives $.50 for every friend & you receive $.50 until the sponsored account matures. Ex: Parent places 5,000 participating Make Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) Program friends in Child's account. Child instantly receives $2,500.00 each month & Parent receives $2,500.00 until the child's account matures. Sponsored accounts mature when the initial sponsorship for the Plan is satisfied by monthly income generation (not usually more than 30-120 days depending on friend add rate).


Note: ID# Use: When Adding the Make Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) Program, insure you use CampusLand AF ID#100100101. Place the Number: 100100101 in the Code location, Save $1.00 & the ID# Helps with Friend Placement Tracking. When you Enroll, you will receive an ID# also that you will give to all members whom are enrolled as participating Make Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) Program members. Each adding participating Member utilizing your ID# when Enrolling will pay you $1.00 each & Every month. Participating members will pay forever.


*Participating means the friend you add also seeks ongoing income and positions themselves as an Income Generating Community Member whom enrolls into the Make Money Adding Friends Plan (MMAFP) & begins receiving income instantly from Added Friends ($1.00 Each). 5,000 Participating friends pays you $5,000.00 each month.

When sponsoring, do your best to manage the sponsorship from the Friend account and/or acquire a Sponsor Code from customer service with your ID# by contacting customer care via chat.


Get Ready. Think Wealthy. Healthy. Rich. Prosperous. Paid. Longevity. Happiness & 'LOVE'!

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