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The Power in the Music Industry. Masses Seeking The Future

Without even consciously thinking about our hunger & thirst for the Power & Energy that goes into Success, Legendary Rhythm & Poetry Industry greats (Such As Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, Current Artist & Executive Calvin 'Snoop Dogg' Brodus & Tupac Shakur) whom have historically led mass global community movements simply by wielding a command in Musical Artistry, Executive Skill, Leadership & mastering an overall attraction in social interaction & Networking, we tend to seek Late Night Parties, Up Beat Music that moves us with Lyrics that Make our Value & Worth Peak. Artist Like Tupac Shakur & Snoop routinely presented lyrics that often, as calculations with enough Power, Compositions in verse & Formulated rhythmic design, like mastering a riddle and/or placing a missing piece in a nearly complete puzzle, unlock the inhibitors that bound our minds, 'FREE'ly releasing 'US' all from bondage with a taste in 'FREE'dom so extensively sought by all. Like a child reunited with their father whom they have all their lives 'NEED'ed so extensively, Legendary Record Label Greats such as Tupac, Executive Producer Suge Knight, Snoop & others like them are sought after by masses seeking to wake from the dream daily into a Heavenly experience that boast lives filled with luxuries, 'LOVE', Unity, Lavish encounters with desirable friends, Wealth & Prosperity.

Suge Knight. CEO whom ran the original Death Row Records. The most prestigious rap label known in musics historically documented occurrences. ... having executive produced multimillion dollar Platinum plaque selling history changing music selections by artists such as legendary Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The outlaws, Michele' and other prolific legendary artists who have contributed to Musics History. Inspiring & assisting Snoop Dogg in running the new Death Row Records in 2023/2024 scheduled to release more than 150 million to a billion dollars in rhythm and poetry, r&B and other anticipated musical projects, with influence from other label greats & executive influence delivers The sound that keep the people alive and drive the masses

This so sought after Power in the Industry is like a V12 in a Benz or a Hemi in a Chevy. A Bigger Brother. Dad or Mentor. Something so necessary that we can barely live without it. Masses all around the globe are looking for the Keys to industry Power. Seeking Powerful Music. Events with walking 'GOD's performing on Stage. Sex Craved Celebrity Studs that can 'Do the Girls Right'. The Movement that presents the 'POWER' so necessary for a balanced society. The ... Future in Rhythm & Poetry (RAP).

Masses Seeking the Future. ..... The Living Heaven. Desirable & Present. Come Join 'US' in Unity. A Family. A Movement. Alive before our eyes.

Music By CMN Universal's KB Trillion (Kyngebamme) IG: @ahjahman ... has a similar Vibe & the Attraction is mounting as we await 2023/2024 Album Projects by this youthful Rhythm & Poetry artist turning girls on around the globe with Single Selections like 'Being With You A Dream', Come On Let's Shine & waking Wealth inside 'US' all with selections like 'Boss Ambition'. We can look forward to Shows willed with Audiences motivated until their money starts coming in Prosperously. 'LOVE' in the Air as the #1 Rule to living Good & This is our World meant for 'US' all to live in it Good. What better audience to participate as a guest in. Founder of the 'NEW' Social Media Platform, K.B, Trillion gives every'ONE' the change to Make Money Adding Friends ( while having access to 'NEW' Events Invites, attending Private Parties, Networking & Connecting with people whose Motto is founded on 'LOVE' & Enjoing the Music (found on the Music Page). Most fans waiting for a KB Trillion (Kyngebamme ... IG: @ahjahman) performance can look forward to the future Show Schedule on the Social Media Events Site. Join the Site and/or Sign up as a Member. Enter into an experience created to be a Heaven Alive. Meet & Mingle with People Just Like You. Party Nights with 'LOVE'. Post, Upload Pics & create a presence. Be with the In Crowd. those whom make the movement the Successful experience you've been looking for. Include yourself in the Historical Present that was designed to fulfill your every desire. party with 'GOD'. Make 'LOVE' all day & Night. Wallow in your Wealth. Increase your resources & be exalted by those whom recognize you as the 'ONE'!

Be the Movement. Be The 'LOVE'! Be the 'ONE'.

'ONE' Star Radio


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