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The Power in the Music Industry. Masses Seeking The Future

Without even consciously thinking about our hunger & thirst for the Power & Energy that goes into Success, Legendary Rhythm & Poetry Industry greats (Such As Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, Current Artist & Executive Calvin 'Snoop Dogg' Brodus & Tupac Shakur) whom have historically led mass global community movements simply by wielding a command in Musical Artistry, Executive Skill, Leadership & mastering an overall attraction in social interaction & Networking, we tend to seek Late Night Parties, Up Beat Music that moves us with Lyrics that Make our Value & Worth Peak. Artist Like Tupac Shakur & Snoop routinely presented lyrics that often, as calculations with enough Power, Compositions in verse & Formulated rhythmic design, like mastering a riddle and/or placing a missing piece in a nearly complete puzzle, unlock the inhibitors that bound our minds, 'FREE'ly…

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