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Meet, Network, Greet and Enjoy connecting with others like you. Walk the Beach, Grab a Smoothie or Salad. Romance & Share the Moment. 'LOVE'! Make $ with Products. Ask How or Click Post Now!

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Meet, Greet. Network ... Campusland

All meetings are done in 'Good Faith'. Any money exchanged is strictly for service, assistance (with Gas, Food, Etc.) and/or is simply done in a legal manner from 'ONE' friend to another. Accompanying a friend to dinner, Etc. and/or realizing you like some'ONE' & 'LOVE'ing 'ONE' another is human. Any financial Help extended from 'ONE' friend to another is strictly done so from 'ONE' companion to another and is 100% Legal. Requesting Money for sexual favors is illegal in some regions so insure you are compliant with the legal regulatory guidelines where you are & in each area while traveling. To stay legal, when you ask another for Financial assistance and/or income ensure it is done so strictly as a friend for personal assistance and not for Sexual Favors. Ex: "I 'NEED' Help with paying off my house, lease, Car, cell phone and/or other responsibility. Will you Help Me?". That is what the money is for. Not intimate favors. Helping is formidable. Connecting with another and realizing you are attracted and/or interested in becoming more personal is legal. It is recommended that if you have a 'NEED', you establish the 'NEED' and what it is for and that when your friend connects with you that they will have the ability in satisfying said 'NEED', however, Ensure you agree that the 'NEED' is sincere and not for sexual favors. Furthermore, if you all agree to connect and become closer, it's also recommended that in order to prevent leading some'ONE' on you discuss what you like & what you BOTH are intending on experiencing when you meet/connect. Ex: Mate tells Partner she/He's expecting $500.00-$5,000.00 or $100,000.00, Etc. (whatever number you agree) to keep the Million Dollar office open, however, separate from the Help Blessing, looking forward to connecting & experiencing a Romantic & 'LOVE'ing encounter on the Beach. Insure you have established whether the Help is a gift and/or if they intend on getting it back. If your accepting by cashapp and/or other methods, you may make a note what it is for and that it is a gift or other (to keep friendships positive and prevent any misunderstanding). To continue, if you are a service provider, payment for services is 100% legal and ensure said service is clear when scheduling. If your discipline requires licensing, insure your compliant. Ex: Licensed Massage (Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Etc.) requires a license. Simple Body Rub does not require a License. 'ONE' is a Trained discipline requiring a School or Education Facility that is illegal when performed without training while Basic Body Rub is a generic, legal & naturally shared & healing expression from 'ONE' friend and/or companion to another. Stay legal and insure you practice clean, healthy hygeine when connecting. Appeal to the 5 Senses. SMELL good, FEEL good (to the touch), Taste Good , Look good & Sound good. If you are uncomfortable with anything any you connect with from this site and anywhere, insure you say something immediately. Always keep a cellular phone with the local authorities, friend and/or number for some'ONE' you can contact in emergency scenario(s). Careful about falling asleep with your keys and/or phone unattended (to prevent others from copying your keys and/or snooping text and/or contacts). stay alert. Don't ever answer the door or connect without verifying your connection (even if you have to ask to see identification). Avoid illegal criminals and illegal officer sting(s) by ensuring financial intentions are purely for purposes stated and not for sexual favors (in writing if necessary) before engaging in intimate activities with those whom have provided you financial assistance. For those whom do not intend on intimacy ensure you friends in advance your only going to the movie and/or "When you come over, we're eating only. Or studying. Or going for a Walk. Etc." and this helps distinguish the boundaries. CMN Is not responsible for occurrences associated with connecting on CMN and/or any affiliate site and each user, member, etc. is solely and/or 100% liable for any civil and/or criminal responsibilities associated with Classified and/or personal Post. CMN waives all liability, however, is open to providing all parties with an arbitrary forum in managing resolutions. All connections are intended for improving your living experience with quality connections that care about & 'LOVE' you and we all intend on seeing you successful, happy, healthy and in 'LOVE. ...  Meet. Network. Greet. CampusLand ... 'LOVE'!

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