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Questions & Answers (Q&A)


Q: Why Should I Sign Up?

A: People everywhere Sign Up for the (MMAF) Plan in order to Make Money! Next time you 'NEED' Money ... Your not trying to figure out how your your  gonna make it. The next time your wondering where your going to get the money you 'NEED', another Payment is on the Way. Get it from

Q: How Do I Sign Up?

A: Visit & Click Sign Up. Complete Payment ($19.99) & look for the Welcome Email with your ID# in it.

Q: How Do I Get Paid?

A: After Signing Up, Add Friends (manually and/or Click the 'Add Friends' Button for assistance from ClubCampusLand. ,Fill in The A&D form , email each complete form (with 'NEW' Sign Up Information) to You will get credit for each 'NEW' friend added.  

Q: How Can I Add Friends?

A: To Add Friends, Click the Add Friends Button and/or email a complete A&D form to ClubCampusLand&

Q: How Do I Get ID#'s for 'NEW' Members?

A: Get 'NEW' ID #'s by Contacting Customer Service at (800) 2730580 Ext. 809 & requesting ID#'s for 'NEW' Members on your A&D form. You may also email your A&D Form to the office at

Q: Do I Have To Live In a Certain Plce to Participate?

A: You can Sign Up for (MMAF) Plan anywhere in the World. Sign Up, Call: (800)2730580 and/or Email:

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MAKING MONEY ADDING FRIENDS PLAN   |   Enrolling   |   Identification (ID#’s)   |    Sponsoring Friend(s)

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