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Let's CampusLand| Getting Started as a Club CampusLand Girl Onboarding Steps To Success With CampusLand. Registration Fees guarantee compensating assignment from $200.00 Registration Incentive Bonus on 1st Paid Opportunity. Independent Talent receives Ongoing assignment opportunities & 1 VIP Membership Registration. Additional Management support any additional compensation for Portfolio is managed seperately. Your Onboarding Coach can provide a Waiver managed upon 1st Paid Opportunity Completion. For a manual waiver and)or to Sign Up as a CampusLand Girl, contact your administrator or message, Text AJ at (909) 689 7261 or Call ClubCampusLand at (800) 273 0580 Ext. 809 to CampusLand 'FREE'.

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Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From $20.00

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CampusLand Single Girls ***Available***

CampusLand Single Girls ***Available***

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